About Us

Hot Diggity Excavation is a Delta-based excavation company led by industry veterans. Whether you need simple trenching or utility line excavation, Hot Diggity can handle all your digging needs. We specialize in utility trenching, and can also demolish homes, open trenches, excavate ponds, level horse arenas, and so much more. We are currently working on a five-year fiber network build-out for Clearnetworx and Highline.

Our Team:

Nicholas Leon

Nick has been operating heavy machinery and working as an aerial lineman for more than 15 years. He has worked as both a journeyman lineman and a foreman on large projects nationwide. Nick is in the field every day doing everything from digging trenches to directing and overseeing projects.

Rachael DeRossi

Rachael is responsible for the magic behind the scenes, handling Hot Diggity’s business development and administration. Rachael has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and business management and is the co-founder of The Marketing Dept., a full-service marketing and branding agency.